Life After The State

Have you got the feeling that things are spiralling out of control, that politics has lost its way and that, despite government promises, nothing ever changes?

Well, you’re right.

In every instance where government gets involved in people’s lives with a desire to do good, it can always be relied on to make the situation much, much worse. Yet despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we imagine that a world without the state would be a wild and terrifying place. With wit and devastating clarity of argument, Frisby shows in this book that human nature proves the opposite to be true.

Welcome to Life After the State.

Here’s what people have said so far …

NB Life After The State was crowdfunded via Unbound. It could not have happened without those who supported it. Thank you so much! In particular, I mention the names of Robert Pocock, Brian Cartmell, Andrew French, Keith Neumeyer and William Reid. Read the acknowledgments in full here.

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